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Unlock the power within you and discover the path to personal growth, success, and fulfillment. Join NFL Super Bowl Champion Chris Hope on an inspiring journey of transformation as he shares his insights, wisdom, and strategies for overcoming obstacles and reaching your goals. Through his powerful storytelling and motivational approach, Chris will empower you to embrace your true potential and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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Meet Chris Hope: A Champion On and Off the Field

Chris Hope is not only a former NFL Pro and Super Bowl Champion but also an author, speaker, and coach who has inspired countless individuals to achieve greatness in their lives. With his exceptional skills, invaluable leadership qualities, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Chris has become a true symbol of success both on and off the football field. His remarkable journey is a testament to the idea that passion, purpose, and perseverance can drive us to accomplish extraordinary feats.

Explore the Power of P.R.O.S.

Unlock Your Full Potential with Chris Hope's Book

Embark on a transformative journey with former Super Bowl champion for the Steelers, Chris Hope, as he draws from his experiences on and off the field to provide practical, inspirational, and biblical insights in his book, P.R.O.S.: Parents Relying On Their Seeds. In this empowering read, Chris reveals how to establish healthy boundaries with your parents, spouse, children, friends, coworkers, and most importantly, with yourself. With a captivating blend of personal anecdotes and timeless wisdom, Chris guides you towards unlocking your full potential and fostering thriving relationships. Discover the keys to setting boundaries that nurture personal growth, cultivate lasting connections, and embrace a life of purpose and fulfillment.

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As an accomplished author, Chris Hope has shared his profound insights and wisdom in his book, P.R.O.S.: Parents Relying On Their Seeds. Through this transformative read, Chris offers practical guidance, inspiring stories, and a roadmap for setting healthy boundaries and nurturing meaningful relationships. Dive into his powerful book to unlock your potential and embrace a life of purpose.


As a dynamic and engaging speaker, Chris captivates audiences with his inspiring stories, motivational talks, and thought-provoking presentations. With a charismatic stage presence and an ability to connect deeply with listeners, Chris leaves a lasting impact. Through his authentic and relatable style, he empowers individuals to embrace their strengths, conquer challenges, and pursue their dreams.


As a skilled coach, Chris provides personalized guidance, support, and mentorship to individuals seeking personal and professional growth. With his vast experience and proven strategies, Chris empowers his clients to navigate challenges, set meaningful goals, and unlock their full potential. Through his coaching, he helps individuals create lasting change and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.


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From the outside looking in, Chris Hope has lived the American dream. But his biggest successes in life have nothing to do with national titles or Super Bowl championships. Chris is a winner because he’s learned how to honor God through his life and relationships.
Dave Ramsey
Bestselling author and nationally syndicated radio show host
I have to commend Chris for his courage, openness, and willingness to take off the Band-Aid of life and reveal the scarred and raw reality that we as professional athletes live.
Jerome "The Bus" Bettis
Super Bowl XL Champion, Pro Football Hall of Fame (2015)
I’ve always admired Chris Hope the football player, but after reading P.R.O.S., my respect for him as a caring human being has gone to an entirely different level! Chris does an incredible job of sharing his many successes as a superstar athlete, but also shows the challenges of his journey as an athlete, a son, a brother, a grandson, a student, etc.
Kirk Herbstreit
ESPN "College GameDay" Analyst
His life’s story told in P.R.O.S. runs parallel and aligns with his character, demeanor, and personality as a football player and person. One in which he thrived under pressure and shined through adversity without ever losing focus or showing any signs of doubt or fear.
Eddie George
Professional football player & Professional Actor, Heisman Trophy Award (1995)

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